The vast and revolutionary field of green technology encompasses a group of materials and methods meant to protect our environment, this technology being in a continuous evolution.
The goals of green technology are innovation, sustainability, and viability, and over the last two decades there have been many battles won in the war against the pollution and destruction of our planet thanks to the innovations brought by green technology.
It’s hard to point out exactly what green technology encompasses, because there are many areas that are being turned “green” even as we speak, the most important green technology subject areas for the moment being energy, green chemistry, green nanotechnology, and green building.
If you care for the environment and you’re interested in finding out what the newest innovations of green technology are, you must read the following lines to see what are the best news of 2016 regarding the advancement of green technology.

Handheld spectrometer

There is much concern among people from all around the world regarding the quality of the food they buy, therefore there is no doubt that the SCiO handheld spectrometer will have a massive success world-wide.
The SCiO Workshop app will definitely revolutionize green technology due to the fact that it will allow normal people who have no scientific training to collect data about the molecular fingerprint of different objects like food, water, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, this way everyone who owns the SCiO Workshop being ensured that they know everything about the product that they want, and all for the price of only $249.

Affordable electric car

We already have the electric car, but the problem with the first all-electric vehicle, which was the Tesla car, is that the starting price of a Tesla car was $70000, a price which exceeds what most people can afford, only a few people who care about the environment being able to buy this expensive electric car.
Thankfully, Chevrolet came with the solution to this problem, producing the Bolt EV all-electric vehicle that comes at the price of $30000, being a lot more accessible than the rival model, and the reasonable price tag making it a real “car for the masses”.
This amazing electric car will be seen on the streets before the end of 2016, and Chevrolet is sure to have a raging success with it, because there is a large number of people who want to acquire an electric car, but weren’t able to do this due to the crippling price of the Tesla model.

2016 Best News In Green Technology

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