Unfortunately, break-ins are still a great problem of home owners from all around the world, and in these modern times that we live in it’s a shame not to take advantage of everything that technology has to offer, especially when it comes to our security and the security of our belongings. If you want to feel truly safe in your own home, you should read the following lines to see which are the 3 essential devices for an increased home security, and use them all to ensure that you won’t have anyone breaking in your home while you’re away.

1. Get a good security camera

One of the most basic and mandatory home security devices is definitely the security camera, and it’s better to have security cameras both indoors and outdoors. Modern security cameras can stream live to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, this way giving you the ability to check-up on things even when you are away, and recording the footage for as long as you want.

An outdoor security camera is the perfect device to keep burglars away, because no one in their right mind would dare enter a home that has a surveillance device, and the indoor camera is perfect for monitoring household members when you are away, being ideal for those who have children or elders living in their home, giving you the ability to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are safe.

2. Get a smart lock

Another great home security device that you must have in order to feel safe is the smart lock, which gives you the ability not only to keep burglars away due to its increased security, but it allows you to choose the people in your life that can have access to your home as well.

The smart lock is designed to lock and unlock only when it receives instructions from authorized devices, the authorization process requiring a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key. In addition, this amazing security device monitors access and it sends you alerts whenever different events unfold, announcing you who entered and who left, and letting you know when someone is trying to break an entry.

3. Get a top garage door opener

Most people who have garages have access inside their homes through them , therefore to be truly protected you must ensure security for the garage door as well. The best option to go with is to buy a top garage door opener. We recommend the MyQ enabled from LiftMaster, because it gives you the option to check on the garage door even when you are away by using your smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can even open and close the door through the mobile app, and it sends you alerts on your smartphone whenever there is an activity unfolding that involves your garage door, keeping you alert if anyone tries to enter by force.

3 Essential Devices for an Increased Home Security

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