Insect activity is known to increase during warm seasons such as spring and summer. This means that besides thunderstorms, sunny evenings and bird sound, another thing you must get used to is the buzzing of mosquitoes. Whether you like it or not, this will become an issue you must fight as soon as temperatures get higher. There are several things you can do in order to protect yourself from insects, such as wearing suitable clothes, eating and avoiding certain foods, or using special repellant sprays. Fortunately, besides these mainstream methods, there is one that will definitely help you get rid of bugs, both indoors and outdoors: the electronic bug zapper.  This device has been invented around the year 1934 (then it is when it was first patented), but has become popular only recently. With the increasing awareness related to how dangerous insect bites can be for human health, more and more people have begun to invest in bug zappers. If you are wondering if these are actually worthy investment, then the answer is yes – they really are very efficient.

What is a bug zapper?

A bug zapper is a device you can use indoors and outdoors as well, in order to eradicate insects. It looks like a lamp with ultraviolet light, which works as a magnet for bugs, mosquitoes, flies and other tiny flying creatures. The illuminated fixture in the middle of the device attracts insects, but is covered with a mesh cage containing a low voltage current. Once mosquitoes get closer, they expect to pass through the grill and reach light, but they are immediately electrocuted. Initially, the zappers were used exclusively outdoors, for gardens and patios, they have evolved and can now be also installed inside the house. 

Do bug zappers work?

Yes, without any doubt, bug zappers are efficient. Most of the people who are currently using it would totally recommend it to those who have insect issues in their garden or their bedroom. If you do decide to get one and send some time around it at night, you can actually hear the sound bugs make the moment they reach the electric grill and are electrocuted. Obviously, the device works, but there are some things you need to know in order to adjust your expectations when buying an electric bug zapper.  

  • It does not kill all sorts of insects. These tiny animals are different, which is why they are attracted by different things. This means that not all of them will be drawn by the UV light emitted by your bug zapper. However, the good news for you is that traditional devices will kill a large number of annoying and dangerous insects, among which mosquitoes and biting gnats.
  • Mosquitoes are mostly attracted by carbon dioxide. More than the UV light, what seems to draw the attention of this particular insect species is carbon dioxide that comes from your breath. For this reason, there are certain devices that emit not only UV rays, but also carbon dioxide.  
Are electric bug zappers worth buying?

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