Most of the mattresses out there contain a dangerous cocktail of flame retardants and toxic chemicals that can severely damage your health. Sleeping on them can, with time, lead to respiratory problems and skin irritation. This is why you should read some reviews before buying a mattress to see exactly what it contains. For example, the mattress analyses explain how each mattress is constructed and what materials it contains. It’s important for your mattress to be Eco-friendly, not only due to the fact that you protect the environment by sleeping on it, but because you protect yourself from possible health issues.
Read the following lines if you want to throw out your old and toxic mattress, and replace it an Eco-friendly top mattress:

Nest Q3

Nest is already a renowned and respected name in the industry of organic mattresses, and they are very serious about their commitment to sell only quality products to their customers. One of the top mattress products from Nest and the most affordable one as well is the Q3 latex mattress that has the starting price of $1500, and it reaches $3000 if you want the size to be California King. This mattress is available in 4 options which include Split Sides for those who have different comfort needs for their sleep, Soft, Firm, and Medium, and the organic wool and organic cotton fabrics create a cool and comfortable sleep environment that will be enjoyed by even the most pretentious people.

Lifekind Sanora

The Sanora mattress from Lifekind is made from organic latex, and its price starts from $3300 for the Twin size model, and it reaches the maximum price of $5900 for the California King size model. You don’t have to worry about the price tag, because it’s worth the investment, and it comes with a generous 20-year warranty that makes up for the money you spend on it. In addition, this amazing Eco-friendly mattress has heavy-duty springs on the sides for support to reinforce the edges, and it’s covered on all sides with a durable quilted cover made from organic wool and cotton.

Essentia Classic 8

The Classic 8 model produced by Essentia has the starting price of $2300, and depending on the size that you want the mattress to have, the price will go up, reaching a maximum cost of $4500 for the California King size. This amazing Eco-friendly mattress is made by using Hevea milk, which is basically rubber tree sap, and when you sit on it, you can enjoy all the perks of a memory foam mattress, but while being assured that it’s natural and free of any chemicals and toxins. The biggest benefit of using this model besides the fact that you get to sleep on 2 inches of natural memory foam, is that it gently cradles on the shoulders and hips, allowing for proper support and good blood circulation.

Best Eco-Friendly Mattresses

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