If there is one method of psychological treatment that is misunderstood, that is hypnosis. Frankly speaking, people have mixed opinions when it comes to hypnosis. They largely believe that deep sleep works like in the movies they see. To be more precise, think that people can be hypnotized and told to do anything. What you need to know is that hypnotism has nothing in common with Hollywood movies. It is a serious psychological treatment that has valid uses in the health industry. If you need help, do not hesitate and find a hypnotherapist practice in Birmingham. A hypnotherapist can help you overcome your problems.

There are numerous myths relating to hypnotherapy. The following information is meant to help address some of the most common misconceptions circulating at present.  

Hypnotherapy requires a great many sessions

A trained professional uses hypnosis to treat various illnesses. What’s certain though is that it does not take an endless number of hypnotherapy sessions to solve your problem. No matter if you are dealing with a phobia or you have post-traumatic anxiety, you find relief from one session. At present, psychological techniques are so advanced that hypnotists can fix presenting issues in one, maximum 2 sessions. Simply put, you will not waste a lot of time at the hypnotherapist’s office.  

You will reveal your deepest secrets

It is widely believed that people who undergo a deep state of consciousness give all their secrets. You have been married for some time now and you are afraid that your thoughts will be known and that you have no control over what you are doing. Do not threat because the hypnotherapist cannot get their hand on confidential information. Your thoughts are your thoughts and you are in full control. Hypnosis is not mind control, so the expert cannot make you reveal your deepest secrets if you do not want to.  You retain complete control over what you say.

Hypnotherapy only works on certain people

Not everyone can be hypnotised. You have to be mentally-weak in order to be mesmerised. At least, this is what some people say. There is no truth to this statement. Everyone can be hypnotised and there is not any true reason why you cannot be induced a hypnotic state. Hypnotisability is all about concentration and creative imagination. What does this mean? It means that if you possess the aforementioned attributes, virtually anyone does, you are likely to be hypnotised.

Your hypnotherapist will use a swinging watch  

Who has not seen people falling asleep while watching a swinging watch? People who have been living under a rock and have not watched movies, that is who. Your hypnotherapist will not be using a swinging watch. In fact, they won’t even need one. All it takes to induce a state of deep consciousness is suggestion. It is true that the earlier methods of hypnosis were based on eye fixation, but they are not used anymore. These days, experts use communication, talking, to entrance patients. So, do not be disappointed if you do not see a watch. 

Common misconceptions about hypnotherapy

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