For obvious reasons, it pays to be proactive and cautious when looking to order custom medical tape. Up and down the United Kingdom, 3M preferred tape converters are currently manufacturing bespoke products of every shape, size and specification imaginable. Nevertheless, it could be argued that none are more important or sensitive than those are designed for use in the medical or healthcare setting.

Given that there are so many competing providers all offering the same products and services, it’s important to know how to select the most capable and appropriate manufacturer. Just as is the case with all industries, there are significant differences from one tape converter to the next. When it comes to product quality, manufacturing capabilities and capacity, value for money and the very advice you are offered, the difference can be night and day. And given the importance of the products you are looking to purchase, it simply makes sense to ensure that they are the best money can buy.

So with this particular area of custom tape manufacture in mind, here’s a quick checklist pinpointing the five most important things to look for in a custom medical tape supplier:

Expertise in the Field

First and foremost, it is of crucial importance that they have plenty of provable expertise in the field. The simple fact of the matter is that regardless of how capable they may be in other areas of custom adhesive manufacturing, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are cut out to work with medical adhesive products.  In fact, it could be quite to the contrary. So unless they have already worked with organisations like yours and are proficient in the production of medical adhesives, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

As Much Experience as Possible

The same also goes for experience, as there is much to be said for a long history in the production of such products. More often than not, the longer a company like this has been in business, the greater their capabilities of delivering the goods today. While experience alone isn’t enough to determine which companies are the best on the market, it is definitely an important characteristic to consider.  Experience and expertise at equally high levels typically indicate the kind of service provider you can trust.

Flexibility and Custom Products

Something else to take note of is whether the custom adhesive manufacturer in question really does offer maximum flexibility.  In some instances, medical adhesive manufacturers claim to create bespoke products, though in reality simply have an extensive back catalogue of prefabricated items.  For obvious reasons, this really doesn’t qualify as custom or bespoke.  The idea with custom adhesive products being that you take a list of requirements and preferences to the manufacturer and have them satisfied flawlessly with a customised adhesive product.  So it’s worth finding out ahead of time whether the adhesive supplier you are considering really is as flexible as possible.

The Availability of Samples

If you have any intention of ordering the medical supplies in question in relatively large quantities, you of course need to ensure that they are suitable for their intended purpose. The same also goes for any medical adhesives you plan to continue buying and using on an ongoing basis.  It doesn’t make sense to buy hundreds or even thousands of any given product, without first knowing in complete confidence that it works as it should. In turn, it’s advisable to only ever take your business to those custom medical adhesive manufacturers that are willing to offer initial samples and prototypes.  This way, you eliminate the risk of wasting your time and money on the kinds of products that are simply not good enough.

A Strong and Established Reputation

Last but not least, one of the best ways of determining whether any given adhesive manufacturer really is suitable for the job is to look into their reputation. Not what they have to say about themselves, but what their past and present customers have had to say about them. These days, it takes no more than a quick online search to find out exactly what’s being said about any company of any kind in an instant. And it should be easy enough to determine what the general consensus is, as far as your chosen brand is concerned. Unless public opinion paints a predominantly positive picture, you might want to consider alternative options.

Custom Medical Tape: What to Look For in a Supplier

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