Nowadays, the majority of appliances in your home don’t consume as much energy as before and that is only because they have to meet some energy efficiency standards. The energy labels can show you how much electricity a specific appliance consumes and which one is the least or the most efficient. If you want to learn more about these energy standards and labels, read the following article.

What are energy labels?

Energy labels show you how much energy an appliance consumes during a month or year. According to these standards, the appliances can rank on a scale from A to G, class A being the most energy efficient and class G being the least energy efficient. Once a product receives the Class A label, it can the be given class A+, A++ or A+++, according to its energy consumption. Energy labels can help you, the costumer, choose a product that meets your needs. For instance, if you want to save money you can opt for an energy-efficient appliance from class A, because you know that it’s energy efficient. The energy labels can also help companies in a different way: to invest in products that are more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Companies can now create appliances that come with a variety of features, designed to help the customers lower the costs on their utility bills. The label can help you compare the energy costs of different appliances so that you are confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Which products are Energy star labeled?

Almost all appliances sold in the EU require energy labels and the labels must be displayed on each appliance. There are many products that require energy labels, such as cooking appliances, lamps, dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, television, dryers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and ventilation units. Energy labels are very useful for refrigerators; most experts recommend opting for a refrigerator that comes with a South African or EU label because you can find out more information regarding the estimated kWh/annum. If you know the R/kWh tariff, you can calculate your money savings during a year.

Some things to keep in mind

As a customer, you need to look for an appliance that is Energy star labeled and see how much energy the product consumes annually, to determine which is the best option for you. If you are planning to sell an appliance with an Energy star label, note that it has to contain a label with information on how much energy the appliance consumes. It’s also recommended to publish some technical documentation about the product in question. The labels must be visible and clear enough to read.

Everything You Need to Know About Appliance Energy Labels

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