Are you looking for a way to lose weight and stay in shape without actually damaging your metabolism? Then continue reading on. Losing weight and maintaining your ideal shape is not impossible to achieve, as long as you are determined and wiling to make some changes in your diet. Today, we will teach you how to change your diet in a way that you will not lower your metabolic rate. At the end of the day you will more energized and in shape.

Build muscle

Your body is burning calories as you talk, although the result is not visible, as you will need to burn more calories in order to boost your metabolism and lose weight. It has been estimated that every pound of fat burns 2 calories per day, while one pound of muscle burns almost 6 calories daily. This is a small difference that shouldn’t be overlooked. In time, by exercising and building muscle you will manage to raise your daily metabolic rate and lose weight faster. You will also manage to tone your body and thus look more fit and in shape.

Why the rush?

If you are planning to make some changes in your diet, you should know that experts advise you to take start with small action steps and don’t opt for drastic measures. It’s highly recommended to let go of bad eating habits slowly rather than ditching junk food one day and moving to a raw vegan diet the next day. Let the body adjust to become better at processing the nutrients you give it on a daily basis. Women whose weight fluctuates find it hard to maintain their ideal weight as time goes by.

Drink plenty of water

In order to process calories and thus slowly lose weight, your body needs water. Your metabolism can slow down considerably if you don’t drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. There have even been studies which demonstrated that adults who drink eight or more glasses of water daily can burn more calories than people who drink less or half the recommended quantity of water a day. However, it’s recommended to stay away from sodas or other sugary drinks and try to avoid drinking alcohol especially before or after exercising or doing a special activity, as it can make you feel dehydrated.

Replace the bathroom scale with a body fat scale

A bathroom scale can only measure your weight, but a good body fat analyzer can monitor your body fat percentage as well as your muscle mass. This way, even when weight scale doesn’t show any changes, you can measure your progress with the fat analyzer. There are several fat analyzers on the market, but it would be wise to read some body fat scale reviews in order to see which devices are more accurate. We advise you to read both customer and expert body fat scale reviews so that you can accurately compare different fat analyzers and choose the best one.

Do a cardio workout

If you want to lose weight without affecting your metabolism, you can try doing a cardio workout. For instance, you can do an effective cardio workout on your treadmill. Whether you are planning to run on the treadmill at the gym or at home, our experts advise you to start with short and high-intensity sessions to increase your metabolic and heart rate and thus burn more calories.

Expert Advice on Losing Weight without Damaging Your Metabolism

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