Wasting energy at home is the same as if you were throwing your money out the window because you benefit in no way from using more energy than you need. This is why you should analyze your household’s consumption and discover if you are wasting energy in any way so that you will be able to find ingenious ways to limit the energy use. To help you in the matter, we have gathered some expert tips that can help you save energy at home, thus reducing your electricity bill.

Provide the house with the proper insulation

The majority of the energy consumption is focused on heating your house in the winter and cooling it in the summer and most of the times you waste energy because the hot or cold air is lost due to improper insulation. Therefore, make sure your house is wrapped in insulating materials that maintain the temperature all year round so you will not use heating or cooling systems too much.

Replace the AC with a low-consuming tower fan

One of the most consuming devices in your house is the air conditioner, so you might want to replace it with a more energy-saving unit like the tower that is great for hot summer days. This innovative fan has an interesting and practical tower shape that enables it to spread cool air on a larger area, thus limiting the operating time. The adjustable speeds allow you to set it at the right cooling level and the oscillating feature extends the cooling area in order to maximize the performance.

Limit the number of lights you use

Turning on the lights at home might seem like a minor energy consumer, but if you need to turn them on even in plain daylight or if you have large bulbs, the consumption will be higher than you would expect. Therefore, make sure you let sunlight inside your house during the day so that no lights are turned on with no reason. Also, choose economical bulbs that create incandescent light that is more powerful and less consuming than the regular light coming from common bulbs.

Look for the Energy Star label

Every appliance in your house is an energy vampire, especially the large ones with high wattage and that operate for many hours. This is why you should look for Energy Star rated models with a low energy consumption due to the energy-saving technologies they use. The refrigerator that works around the clock, the dishwasher and washing machine that use energy to heat the water or the heater that keeps your home warm, should be Energy Star rated appliances that help you save energy at home.

Expert Tips on How to Save Energy at Home

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