A dehumidifier will certainly be very useful due to the fact that it will keep the humidity level under control. On the other hand, what can you do if certain problems occur to the unit? Do you know what’s best to do in order to make the device work properly again? If not, then here it is how to fix common dehumidifier problems.

1. First of all, check if the unit is plugged

In case your unit stops working, the first thing you need to do is to check if it’s still plugged. In some cases, this can be the problem whereas in others it is not. However, if others are the problems, you will also need to make sure that the unit is unplugged before you actually start to have a look at it.

2. You will need to look for ice by removing the cover panel

This is an important step, that you need to follow in order to find the issue and solve it as quick as possible. Therefore, take out the cover panel and look if there is any ice whatsoever. In case you find ice blocking parts, then you will need to let it melt. This usually happens as most units may freeze up due to the fact that they are not made for use in cold places. Ice problems usually happen when you use the device in the basement. If you take a look at some dehumidifier reviews on the bestdehumidifier.reviews site, you will see that there are dehumidifiers out there, specifically designed for the basement. These units have special anti-frost features which prevent such problems. Don’t use a normal room dehumidifier for the basement, especially if your basement is very chilly.

3. Look for overflows or leaks

This is another common problem that most dehumidifiers have. What you need to do is to disconnect the leads and check the pan or the reservoir. You will probably need to empty the reservoir or to make sure that the drain is not clogged. If there are any kinks, you will have to straighten them in the device’s hose. Furthermore, it is essential that you check the switch as in most cases is damaged and it needs replacement.

4. If it is not cleaned properly, the unit can stop working

Dehumidifiers definitely need a good cleaning from once in a while. If you don’t do this, the unit will certainly stop working properly after a period of time. In case this has already happened, then it is highly recommended that you clean the reservoir, the coils, fan blades, and the filter as well. You can easily do that by using a spray which can be found on the market and which is exactly for this type of job. Vinegar is very efficient as well, and you certainly have some in your home. Make sure that you clean it very good and leave it to dry perfectly, for about 24 hours before you run it again.

How to Fix Common Dehumidifier Problems

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