When staying in an old house your only thought is to remodel that old kitchen and bring it to light. But, kitchen remodelling is expensive, and you might be tempted to opt for materials which are not of a such a high quality as they should be. Well, you should know that it is better to wait rather than using the wrong materials in the kitchen. Also, if you do not have experience in this domain, and you do not know what materials should not be used in this room, you should ask the advice of professionals like http://classique-interiors.co.uk/, because they have experience in this domain, and they know exactly what appliances and materials should be used, to last in time.

Do not use plastic laminate covers

There are a lot of models of plastic laminate covers on the market, so you do not have to stay away from all of the types, but of the entry level ones. These ones would look dull and thin if you would install them in the kitchen, so if you want to go for this option, you should choose a richly textured one. Plastic laminate covers get wet underneath them, they get scratched easily, and you should avoid this. Moreover, in case you would place a hot pan on them, your kitchen cover would look like a melted disaster.

Cheap sheet vinyl flooring is a NO

Do not try to save money by installing the cheapest vinyl floors from the market. Keep in mind that you would be stepping on it all day long, so quality matters in this case. In case your kitchen would experience water seeping from the refrigerator or dishwasher, you would rapidly notice that your floor would feature bubbles. You do not have to go with a luxurious type, but make sure that you ask a professional about the quality of the one that you intend to use.

Avoid installing high-gloss lacquered cabinets

When seeing them in the store you might think that some nice shiny cabinets would look great in the kitchen. But, do not forget that in the kitchen you would do a lot of things and in case you scratch them, you would find costly to repair them. It is advisable to opt for a model that has a thermo foil option, because it is more budget friendly and it is designed to be more durable than the other options from the market.

Materials to never use when remodelling a kitchen

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