In the battle for investment survival, you need to stay on top of the trends. Staying in touch with potential trends gives you an advantage. You know which advances are important to the real estate industry and you know how you can make your business. Stay educated, informed, and on top of the emerging real estate trends. By the way, what are the trends impacting the real estate industry in 2018? Keep on reading to find out.

Rise of millennial buyers

The year 2018 has witnessed an increase in the number of millennial buyers. Those who people like to call lazy and self-centered are willing and able to buy homes. Many millennials have had salary raises. Not only do they have growing incomes, but also they want to buy, viewing ownership as a rite of passage. Young adults are no longer interested in renting. Experts say that by the end of the year, millennials will represent almost 50% of home buyers taking out mortgages. There has not been a better time to renovate and flip houses. Millennials are on the lookout for homes. Take control and give them what they want.

Using Delaware Statutory Trusts          

It seems that Delaware Statutory Trusts are more popular than ever. Why is that? Well, the investment vehicles have gained in popularity owing to the fact that they make it possible to defer income tax. If used correctly, the Delaware Statutory Trust offers many advantages. You can make a passive income and cash out a property that you had from the dawn of time. How? You complete a like-kind exchange through the DST. What you do basically, is reinvest the money into a new investment. For a long time, lawyers and other professionals have been using this strategy to pass on assets from one generation to the other, with the least amount of Delaware Statutory Trust taxation.  The main advantage is the protection of possessions from creditors. Equally important is to mention that DSTs can utilized to secure corporate bonds and notes.

Solar loans will be in high demand

The simplest way for a consumer to finance the purchase of solar panels is getting a loan. The thing is that solar loans are expected to be in high demand in 2018. More and more homeowners are financing the installation of rooftop solar panels, adding the cost to their mortgage. Property owners have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to increase their revenue by installing solar photovoltaic. This way, they will be able to create close connections with tenants and possibly increase their client base. Offering prospective buyers energy-efficient homes is essential nowadays. People are not happy anymore with traditional options.

Short-term rentals   

There are still many people who do not choose hotel accommodation. When they are on vacation or a business trip, these people prefer renting fully-furnished apartments. The number of people who rent for short-term stays is growing rapidly, creating opportunities for family owners and property owners. Anyone with an extra room can rent it out to people from all over the world and make a few bucks.

Real estate in 2018: current trends that you need to know

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