If you have children, then you know that obesity is one of the issues kids face nowadays. Therefore, specialists stress the fact that parents should encourage their children make sport their priority and help them understand the importance of being healthy from a young age. It is important to help your children be active because in this way they will practice sport later in life. Multiple studies showed that sport has a great impact on children’s social and psychological well-being, and it teaches them valuable life skills. Netball is one of the sports suitable to be practiced by children of all ages, and if you convince your children to try it, then you should start looking for places where to play netball in London, because you have to make sure that you choose the best one. Here are the main reasons children should practice sport, being it netball or something else.

Sport improves physical health

Sport improves people’s health and there is no difference when it comes to children. If you manage to convince your children to practice sport before 10 years old, then you can help them avoid being obese later in life. Once children are used to have an active life, they will never give up to this habit. Your children will have a great cardiovascular workout if they choose to play netball, because they will have to change direction quickly and sprint. Also, this sport will increase their flexibility and will improve their overall health.

They will improve their social skills

It is advisable to help them get involved into a team sport, because this is a great opportunity to help them meet new friends and understand what it takes to work with other kids. Also, sport is a good way to help boys and girls socialise in a controlled environment. Sports help children learn to work together in order to get a result, and this improves their verbal and social skills.

Sport helps children build confidence and self-esteem

Sport has the great benefit that it helps children build confidence and self-esteem. They will get compliments and encouragements, and this boots their confidence. Also, the trainer will highlight the areas where they need improvement and the ones they are doing well. In addition, the children will have an authority figure in their life, so they will learn to respect the others. Coaches will offer them constructive feedback, and they will learn to use this to improve their skills.

Reasons children should play sport

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