When it comes to beauty there is no greater enthusiast than the woman. She wants to know everything there is about this world, she wants to know to know how to look stunning in a moment and what new and interesting trends are shaping this world. Although this is not exactly a new trend, it would appear that UK ribbons and not only are once again in the spotlight and women should be out there finding a trusteed provider to invest in. This year, one of the interesting trends in fashion and beauty is to use ribbons. While in fashion, welcoming ribbons and bows is not that difficult to imagine, in beauty, it might take a bit of exercise. So, here are three hairdos that can be easily down and which really bring out the ribbon and the effect it has.


The ultra-classic ponytail

One of the great things about fashion is that once you have found something you like, you must not let go of it, because, it won’t be long until it is fashionable once more. Fashion has this way of bringing about old trends and making them cool and interesting again, which is great if you are a true enthusiast of classic hairdos like the ponytail. If you are, then this year, wear it pride, because it is in and it is very much appreciated.


The braided hairdo


Now this is a beautiful combination between a young, wild style and that of a medieval lady. It is an interesting combination that it’s for both fun, family events, as well as social and important ones like weddings. Use a ribbon to add a bit of glamour and romance to your hairstyle and everything will look so much better than you thought.


The half up with a beautiful ribbon


This is the perfect combination between a good girl and a wild one in disguise. The half up hairdo is stunning, especially when adding a ribbon to the plan. It is incredibly simple to make and anyone can master it in just a few minutes. Plus, if you can add a few curls to the hairdo you will catch the essence of it which is innocence.


It is incredible what a ribbon can do for your hair. If you think about, looking at these trends, 2017 doesn’t exactly shine. Then again, have you tried these hairdos? They look fantastic and they are definitely worth trying. So, start investing in a few bows and go right ahead with your hairstyling lesson.


Ribbons in your hair: three ways to wear bows

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