Blind spots, unexpected events and bad weather, they are all guilty of a large number of auto accidents. For preventing such unfortunate events from occurring, some companies designed and developed various pieces of equipment. From wireless reversing cameras, to reversing sensors, they all come in handy when you want to protect you and your passengers’ safety, as well as the safety of all pedestrians and why not, your vehicle. But let’s see what pieces of equipment are necessary for assuring increased levels of safety.

Wireless reversing camera

A combination of a wireless camera and a sensor will assure all drivers that they have increased visibility whenever they must reverse and have a limited area of visibility. These systems come also with an early warning option, increasing the chances to avoid unfortunate events that might appear. Make sure that you have a spotless vision, be it day time or night time, since these devices are appropriate for all types of vehicles, be them regular or articulated. With them, you don’t have to worry about your or pedestrians’ safety.

Nearside sensor system

Nearside step damage and injury can now be prevented with the help of these systems of four sensors that can be easily placed on all types of vehicles. With them, all drivers can be alerted when they approach pedestrians, cyclists, pets or low walls. You will be aware of all obstructions there might be in your way. The set of sensors is a waterproof version, for being sure that you’ll have a set of perfectly functioning sensors, regardless of the weather conditions. An audible warning will be given at the distance of0.4m from the obstruction, which comes as a great advantage. The sensors have a speed switch, turning off at the specified speed.

Additional lighting for increased visibility in night time conditions

Although cameras and sensors play a great role in assuring increased security levels when driving, additional lighting options are great if you want to provide higher levels of visibility during night time. Make sure to invest in low profile strobes and LED work lamps, since those trying such products seem to be more than pleased with them.

These are some pieces of equipment one could invest in for assuring increased levels of security while driving. Make sure you collaborate with a trusty supplier, since not all of them are able to provide high quality safety pieces.

Safety equipment for drivers. Why should you invest in it?

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