If you have just started your business you have a limited budget and try to spend each penny as wise as possible. Start-ups require funds to get off the ground, and you need to figure out where you can save and how you can attract investors.

Most young entrepreneurs consider saving money for handling the accounting tasks by their own. And if you have a solid understanding of the business finances and an education in accounting, it’s a great idea. But if you base on the Internet to help you figure out how to manage a business, think twice because you’ll end up spending more than you hope to save. If you manage your accounting system incorrectly, you’ll hurt your business in the long term.

Here is a list of reasons why even a small business needs an accountant.

The start-up process is tedious

When you first start the company, you need to handle many aspects to ensure you create the foundation for a successful venture. It would be useful to collaborate with an accountant during this period because it can help you determine what the best business structure for your company is, assist you with financial analysis and creating a business plan, provide advice on what accounting program to use, ensure your operations comply with the latest government laws and regulations, provide advice on how to track expenses to stick within a budget and explain you how to separate your personal finances from your businesses expenses. An experienced Regnskapskontor Oslo is quite helpful during the start-up stage of the business.

They can help you grow your business

As you grow your business you need professional advice on how to integrate resources and manage processes, and who is in a better position to help you than a specialists who knows how to use a Enkel regnskapsføring? During this stage, an accountant can help you identify the sectors for growth by offering insight to corporate financing, product pricing and inventory management. They can also assist you when you purchase or lease equipment, prevent getting audited by the IRS, and prepare and guide you through an audit.  

When planning business expansion, it’s important to bade your decisions on a financial forecast to make sure you choose the right path for your venture.

They can assist during regular business operations

You need the help of a Regnskapstjenester Oslo not only during key stages in your business, you also need their assistance for daily operations. Once you get your venture off the ground, your accountant can help you manage it. some of the tasks they may handle to assist you with your daily processes are:

  • Ensure all your partners are classified as independent contractors by the IRs, to prevent paying taxes
  • Explain your financial statements to help you understand the ups and down of your company
  • Make sure you make all tax payments and estimate future payments to understand how much you pay for taxes throughout the year
  • Create financial reports at the end of the year to help you figure out if your business is profitable.




Should a small business hire an accountant?

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