Subaru produces cars everyone wants to test out because of their rumoured efficiency and reliability. Their Outback model meets all the expectations a driver could have, especially if it is purposed for transporting a numerous family. Its features will make clients believe that it is the absolute most suitable car for family purposes. Why? Because it is more than spacious, it is also powerful and to top everything up – it is economical and good looking. It seems unreal, right? Well, to mesmerise you a little bit more, you can buy a used car and obtain the same kind of quality at a lower price. Buying a new car won’t bring you something that a used one doesn’t already have. In Edmunds opinion, the used Subaru Outback is one of the most affordable and dynamic. This being said, here are the main characteristics of this car:


This car is a 4-door for 5 passengers with lots of storage space. It is an all-wheel drive which has a powerful engine to sustain its weight. When it comes to technology, the Outback surprises Subaru users with radio features that completely overcome its older versions, an 8 inch LCD with multi touch gesture and high resolution along with voice activated controls. You can also make good use of the Bluetooth streaming connectivity possibility that comes along with it. If you own an iPod then this car will be suitable for you in terms of compatibility. You’ll also be able to use the dual USB ports integrated and the auxiliary input jack. Plus, the driving experience will be much more pleasurable with the help of the real time traffic display.  

Engine and transmission

When it comes to talking about engine, you will be amazed to hear that a 2.5l DOHC engine with 16 valve and 4 cylinders activates this car. With variable valve timing and electronic throttle control, this car is as powerful as you may have thought for its size. The transmission system is a six speed manual shift with HD control and a driver selectable mode. Plus, the car is equipped with a 110 amp alternator and an 18.5 gal. fuel tank which makes out of this Subaru one of the most economical cars you can get for a family. You will instantly be immersed in the capacities of this car.

Subaru Outback and the reason it is a great family car

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