Doctors strongly recommend everyone to practise sports, regardless of the type. A person’s health and lifestyle significantly improves by engaging in sport activities and one very popular choice nowadays is five aside football. This is also the main reason why so many sports facility centres have included this sport on their list and provided people with proper places where to play five aside football in London. Those who fall in love with that sport and want to take it to another level, which means becoming professional players, should take into account several important factors.


Five aside is a sport that implies a lot of physical activity. Being able to sustain it during the entire game requires a lot of practice and training hours. It is essential that wannabe professional five aside footballers engage in other physical activities besides playing football in order to build their strength and stamina and to maintain them during the off-season.


Five aside football is a game of action and speed. Each team has only five members on field and contrary to what people believe this requires players to be even more active compared to regular football for instance, where there are at least eleven players. Five aside footballers must be agile in both acting and thinking in order to lead their team to success.


Whether it is about tactical skills or technical skills, you must have them if you want to become a professional five aside footballer! This is probably one of the most difficult parts in the process of becoming a successful player, but it is also crucial that you develop and constantly improve these skills if you want to master this sport. There are various ways outside the field that can help you improve your technical and tactical skills.


Being in great physical shape is a must in five aside football and this is not for the photo-shooting part, but for the game itself. You need to stay fit and continuously work on your body shape, because this will allow you to be more flexible on the field and move faster. Pilates for instance is one great method to improve your mobility and flexibility, so make sure you include some courses in your agenda.

Becoming a successful five aside football player implies a lot of dedication and hard work and if you keep these four aspects mentioned above in mind, it is for sure that you will obtain the desired results.

The 4 S’s every professional five aside footballer must have

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