Chevrolet never ceased to amaze its customers, considering all the car models existent on the automotive market at the moment. But one thing is for sure – the          Chevrolet Suburban is truly an imposing car. Automotive lovers will definitely enjoy reading and – why not – trying or even buying this beauty on four wheels. The Suburban is a big car, making itself noticed on the streets without great effort. Even though you might consider Chevrolet a less powerful brand, the truth is it could easily compete with bigger automotive brands since they launched this gorgeous model. You can read more about the Chevrolet Suburban at Edmunds right away and let yourself be mesmerized about each and every specification and feature it offers to the large public. See below a few of them.

How powerful is it?

This car is literally a monster vehicle. Why? The answer is quite obvious: it is a huge car, it has an engine that will shock you from the very beginning and it’s capable of things other cars are not. Starting with the aforementioned engine, it is a 5.3-liter one, with eight cylinders and it reaches up to 370 horsepower. It also includes an active fuel management and a variable valve system. This combined with a six-speed automatic transmission is all you may need from a car and from driving in general. The transmission is also capable of electronic control with overdrive and haul mode. The engine is also a direct injection, and you will definitely feel this will driving the Suburban on the streets.

How about the price?

If you were thinking about buying this car new, and you are under a budget, think again. The price of the Suburban is quite high, but a second car would give the exact same performance as a new one, if maintained healthy by the previous owner. Buying a used car can actually be the best decision you can make, considering the fact that such brands as Chevrolet make time-resistant models, and you won’t encounter any issues with the vehicle very soon. Plus, the investment for additional repairs or upgrades won’t be as high as the price it has if bought new. Depending on your situation and what you desire from a vehicle, you will be able to make a decision in the end. But one thing is for sure: the car is worth it at least one drive in a lifetime.

The newest Chevrolet Suburban catches all the attention

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