Planning to go on a vacation but there is a lot of driving ahead? Well, there is no better time to set up a list with the items you need to take with you in the car than right now. All you have to do is calculating how much time you are going to drive; how many stops you plan on doing and whether there are going to be any other persons inside the car or is just you. Plus, another detail that counts would be which type of car you are driving. Cars like the Audi A4 or the Mercedes Benz GLE-Class are recommended for long trips – these are luxury cars that could totally change your driving experience. You can learn more about the Audi A4 allroad Wagon at Edmunds. Until then, pack your bags as follows:


Emergency Kit

This is the very first thing that should pop in your head. A complete emergency kit is exactly what each driver needs to own, at all times while driving a car. This kit often includes some tow chains, some jumper cables, a flashlight, some duct tape, a well-stocked tool kit, paper and pen, a sleeping bag, a rain coat, some water, a quart of oil, a map, a knife etc. Usually, these kits include anything you would need in a not-so-fortunate situation, like getting lost. Even though many consider this step unimportant, you would be amazed how much these items matter when you need them so desperately. Make sure you pack anything you may need on the way and keep them in your trunk. There are no downsides to doing so.

Essential Items

Besides having your emergency kit ready, you will have to keep in your car items like: baby wipes, hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, napkins, some bags to store your trash in, a bottle of water, some snacks, a car phone-charger, some cash and coins in case your wallet gets stolen, a copy of your ID documents and so on. Don’t forget to check your car before leaving. Check if everything is in place, change your oil, check your tire pressure, clean the headlights and you might be just ready to go. Another great idea would be to find your spare key and take it with you, keeping it in a safe place, but your car.

Things you have to take with you during long drives

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