A beautiful, refined country with a rich history and cultural heritage, France seems to be one of the best countries in the world. Because of this, many choose to relocate permanently here. Also, French people have a great attitude towards life and living here comes with plenty of benefits, like their social security system. You can get more data regarding the assurance maladie 93 at dedicated offices all across France. However, let’s see which are the reasons that make France such a great country to live in.

Amazing healthcare system

France might have one of the best health care systems available out there. Access to medical services is easy, and most of the times, people don’t pay a dime for visiting a medical office or the Emergency Room. This happens because the large majority have a public health insurance, while others opt for a private one, or “mutuelle”, how they name it. Also, medicine can be easily found at all pharmacies, at affordable prices, while pharmacists have the necessary knowledge to offer valuable advice for mild affections. Unlike in other countries, in France visiting an emergency room won’t leave your bank account empty, because even if one will pay for the medical services received, the costs will be reimbursed for their medical insurance. This in the case of those who have either a public either a private health insurance. If you have dilemmas regarding the medical systems or the social security system, you can easily visit one of the public bodies managing these matters. The respectful and friendly employees there will certainly offer plenty of information.

Higher education is incredibly affordable

American students, pay attention. Students in France don’t have college debts. And they don’t have to work hard for paying them years after finishing it. A year of post graduate studies cost somewhere between 250 and 310 euros. If you follow an engineering university, you will be paying somewhere around 590 euros, and getting a PhD will only cost you 380 euros. Only if you want to study in private schools you will have to pay higher fees, around 3,000 euros. Also, for foreign students, there is available a scholarship, designed to cover living expenses. Also, getting into a University in France is rather simple.

Work to live, not the other way around

If in your home country you have to work a twelve hour shift only to pay your living expenses, then more to France. This country has a philosophy that all people should work to live, not dedicate their lives entirely to their jobs. Therefore, maintaining a perfect work-life balance is mandatory. In France, everybody will be home by seven to have dinner with their family, and overtime work will be paid double. Also, all employees in France will receive coupons for lunch, at the nearest brasserie. And yes, having a glass of wine with that delicious food is totally acceptable.

Three reasons why France might be the best country in the world

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