If you haven’t found out yet, know that according to some studies, France is among the best countries to relocate and look for a job. There are plenty career opportunities here in a wide range of industries. But what do you do if by any chances you are left jobless in France and don’t want to return to your home country? Well, know that the French government thought about this aspect and implemented a program through which to provide people unemployment benefits if they meet certain criteria. Here’s what France residents should do in such situations.

Express job search interest to a Pôle emploi

The first and most important thing to do once you are left jobless in France is to go to the closest Pôle emploi in your region and register there. This way you express your intentions and your interests in finding another job fast. Keep in mind that you will have to do this within the first 12 months after you are left unemployed. The registering process is extremely easy especially due to the fact that the government offered people the possibility to register online as well. Visit the Pôle emploi site and fill a short questionnaire and print it.

You have to be eligible

As good as it may sound, these unemployment benefits are not for everyone. People need to meet certain selection criteria in order to prove they are eligible for allocations chomage 93. For instance, salaried people are entitled to benefit from this program because they made contributions to the National Insurance scheme during their employment period.

You have to file a claim

Filing a claim is probably the easiest parts of the entire process. If you met the qualification criteria according to the Pôle emploi’s guidelines, you are allowed to make the online application or contact the job centre via their phone number. An adviser will then receive your application and contact you to invite you for more discussions. This is when you learn how you can improve your job search skills and increase your employment chances.

Pay attention to what documents you need

You will be provided with a list of documents you need to bring with you when submitting the application, so make sure you read it very carefully and check to have each and every document mentioned there. If you forget about one of them only, you do nothing but to make the process take even longer and prolong the unemployment period. This is also the reason why people are strongly advised to submit applications to the nearest Pôle emploi right after they are left jobless.

Update your status regularly and attend for reviews

The application you submitted was filled with certain personal details, so in case some of them change, such as you get married and have to change your name, do ensure you communicate these changes to your supervisor from the Pôle emploi. Also, do attend all review meetings you are summoned to, because this is the easiest way to increase your chances to find a job in France ASAP.  

Tips on claiming unemployment benefits everyone residing in France should know

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