No matter what you want to buy, you must definitely first inform yourself on all there is to know about the product by reading as many reviews as you can to see what are its strong points, and where it falls short. Automatic pool cleaners are very versatile and they are produced by numerous brands. The best pool cleaners are those produced by Polaris and Dolphin. However, you can buy such a device solely because it is produced by a trustworthy manufacturer as it needs to be able to handle the specific length and shape of your pool. This is where reviews come in handy, but due to the complex specifications, robotic pool cleaner reviews can get confusing pretty fast, especially if you don’t understand the features and capabilities of the model, therefore you should first try to understand the reviews themselves to be able to decide easier what is the model that you should go with. If this is the case with you, read the following lines to have a better understanding of robotic pool cleaner reviews, having a better perspective on these reviews after reading.


You must pay close attention to what features a certain robotic pool cleaner are to better understand what it can do for you, and it’s important to know which are the most important features to look for as well, to not overspend on something that you don’t actually need.

The first thing you need to look for is the length of the cord, because depending on how large your pool is, the length should be as long as well to not need extension cords for it to get the entire pool cleaned.

Other important features of a robotic pool cleaner that you must look for are how easy it is to remove and empty the canister once it’s filled, the capacity of the canister, what kind of wheels it has in order for it to be capable of cleaning the entire pool, not only the water, if it comes with a remote for you to control it and guide it when you want, how powerful the motors are, and how many gallons of water per minute it can filter.


When a review says that the robotic pool cleaner offers complete pool coverage, it means that the model is able not only to clean the water, but it can clean the walls and surface of the pool as well. For example, the best Polaris robotic pool cleaners can clean the floor and the walls, but also the waterline. Some models are even able to go up the stairs of the pool, cleaning them as well. It’s important to go for a model that offers complete pool coverage, because they truly get the job done effectively, leaving you with nothing to do to maintain the pool clean, and taking from the pressure that is put on the pool’s main filtration system, maintaining it working perfectly for a longer time.

Cleaning technology

It might be confusing when you read a review on a robotic pool cleaner, and you see the words cleaning technology, but it’s actually very easy to understand what it means.
The cleaning technology of a model doesn’t only refer to what it’s capable of doing, but with modern robotic pool cleaners, it means that the model in discussion is able to find a shorter path to cleaning the entire pool after every use, these kind of models being more energy efficient and taking them less time to finish cleaning the pool.

Understanding Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

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