In the past, doctors used to take astrology very seriously. They linked the time when a person was born to the risk of developing serious diseases. Nowadays, doctors rely on science and not on the observation of stars and planets. You could safely say that astrology cannot tell you anything about your health. Well, this is not entirely true. Astrology and medicine were related for hundreds of years for good reasons. Just like a medical practitioner, an astrologer in Melbourne is able to predict your risk of developing certain health conditions, even though research seems to suggest otherwise. However, how can observing the movement of stars and planets tell you about your wellness? The answer is simple: they have an effect on your health.  Your start sign says a great deal about your health, so even if you are a sceptic, you should pay a visit to your astrologer. Are you not curious to learn what an astrologer can tell you about your wellbeing?

The season of your birth can influence your future

Although scientists do not agree with astrology, they admit that the season of a person’s birth affects their future. This means that if you are a Leo, you will have a different destiny than someone born under the sign of Capricorn. For instance, people that are conceived in the winter are at a higher risk of developing schizophrenia than those born in the cold months of the year. What happens is that the world is not as calibrated as your internal clock and the exterior factors can permanently damage your body’s specific functions. You can thus argue that there is some scientific founding to astrology.

Vedic astrologer or Western astrologer?

There is a big difference between Vedic astrology and the science of the future practised in the West. A Vedic astrologer looks to the stars of the constellations to figure out when the signs begin. You may tempted to think that it does not really matter what horoscope you read, but it does. Fixed starts astrology concentrates on the most notable stars in the constellations, which are named after Greek mythology. Vedic astrology is not better than Western astrology, but this philosophy does provide a better view of a person’s karmic tendencies and his/her overall health. 

Looking to stars on guidance on health

Medical astrology is not approved, but this does not mean that you should not look into the stars and planets for guidance on your health. As a matter of fact, you will see that learning about the possible ties between your health and the constellations is enjoyable.  Your horoscope will provide you several clues about your physical and mental state and, most importantly, what you can do to improve your wellbeing. However, you should not rely on the horoscope found on the first web page. What you need to do is see an astrologer. Only someone working in the field of astrology can guide you through your life. You can find a good practitioner by looking online.

What an astrologer can tell you about your health

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