Breathing a fresh and clean air in your home is very important, as you will feel better, and your health won’t be affected in any way whatsoever. Nowadays, you will find in the market units that have different types of filters, and you must be well informed in order to choose the best one. In case you are wondering what is the best type of filter used by air purifiers, then you should have a look at this article, in order to find the right answer to your question.

HEPA filters are the best choice

Nowadays, HEPA filters are the most recommended ones, due to their ability to remove 99,99% of airborne particles which are so dangerous for our health, and which are extremely small and cannot be removed by other units. If air particles are inhaled, then the body’s immune system becomes more vulnerable to small particles which are usually below 0.5 microns. Most of the filters that are available on the market cannot remove particles that small, and they obviously affect your health. These are some of its benefits:

  • It can remove pet hairs
  • It can remove odors
  • It helps with asthma triggers

This is the main reason why these filters are highly recommended by doctors and allergists, due to the fact that they can remove from the air even the tiniest particle.If you analyze some air purifier reviews and ratings on AirPurifierBling.Com, you will discover for yourself that the highest rated air cleaners are the ones that use HEPA filters.

Who Is It Suitable For?

If you have children, then you certainly go for a product like this, as they will have their respiratory system protected at all times. In comparison with other filters such as ionic, ultraviolet light air, and activated carbon, HEPA filters are without a doubt the most efficient once when it comes to a clean, fresh and healthy indoor air. In case you don’t yet know what is the best type of filter used by air purifiers, then you should seriously take into account this information, in order to make the right choice.

  • New Parents
  • Allergy Sufferers
  • Pet Owners
  • Tobacco Smokers

Harmful Air Contaminants

They can cause different types of allergies, skin and eye irritation, and they can affect your respiratory system. Moreover, people who suffer from asthma will feel a discomfort at all times. If this type of filter is installed, it will clean the indoor air, leaving it fresh and easy to breathe. The best-rated air purifiers use a HEPA filter in combination with other filtration technologies. These are the following allergens found in your home right now:

  • Bacteria
  • Pet Dander
  • Dust Mite Debris
  • Mold
  • Pollen

You can find air purifiers which use HEPA filters as well as UV filters which kill bacteria and carbon filters which eliminate unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke. Therefore, a quality air purifier can protect you from a wide range of health risks. Furthermore, you will experience a deeper and restful sleep, and you will get rid of bad odors from your home, which is absolutely fantastic. You must also take into account the fact that once a HEPA filter captures the harmful particles, it doesn’t release them into the air again, as other units usually do.

What is the best Type of Filter Used by Air Purifiers?

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