The hand held clothes steamer is easier to use that the floor type and is more practical for small garments or for times when you need to travel and take your iron with you. This is why people prefer the hand held version when they want a comfortable and convenient clothes steamer to get the wrinkles out of their garments. With all the models available, it’s quite hard to decide which one is the best. In order to narrow down our choices, we read some reviews from the website. After that we tried some of them and made a top in order to help you determine which is the best hand held garment steamer.

Top Innovations Steam Fast Fabric Steamer and Iron SF432

This interesting garment steamer consists of two separate parts that work together for a powerful flow of steam. The large water tank that can be easily refilled can sit either on the wall in your laundry room or on the table where you iron so you won’t have to lift both components. You will only use the slim steam head with a comfortable handle and a wide sole that works as an iron as well. The steam is controlled by a button and the unit has a self-cleaning system that ensures mineral build-ups in the water are easily flushed out.

Ingenious Designs My Little Steamer NE244

This ingenious clothes steamer has an interesting shape similar to an electric kettle and the operating is basically the same as it has an internal boiler that heats the water in the impressively large water reservoir. Once you plug it, it will release continuous steam without you having to push any buttons. You will easily grab and hold the steamer by the comfortable handle and the steam comes out through a small nozzle that allows you to reach even the narrowest crease. It also includes a larger nozzle for larger items like drapes or linens and various accessories like a travel pouch, a lint brush and soft and hard bristle brushes.

Rowenta Ultra Steam DR5020

This little fellow delivered the most powerful steam and was able to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles from the thickest fabrics. At only one and a half pounds, it’s compact enough to fit your travel case so you can have it with you anywhere you want. The slim handle ensures a good grip and the garment steamer comes with a clothes brush and a lint pad so all your clothes will look perfect. The only inconvenient about this small garment steamer is the small water tank that needs to be refilled multiple times if you need to steam many clothes.

Which is the Best Hand Held Garment Steamer

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